Feel safe and secure on dates thanks to our digital chaperone, BaseSAFE™

Safety Tips.

Keep yourself safe on Firstbase

Dating should be fun. It should also be safe. That’s why your safety and the safety of others is paramount when dating with Firstbase. The following tips will help you create a safe dating experience for yourself and others:

Be a good human.

Stop and consider if your actions—whether good intentioned or not—could make someone feel physically or emotionally unsafe.

Use BaseSAFE™

Always engage the in-app safety feature BaseSAFE to ensure someone knows where you are and how the date is going.

Date in a public place.

We highly recommend that all first dates take place in public places and partnered venues, with access to other people if you need any sort of assistance.

Speak up if you feel unsafe.

If you feel threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, tell someone. Whether that’s your wingman or wingwoman via BaseSAFE or a nearby member of the public.