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Unlimited likes

With Unlimited likes, users can keep swiping and matching till their hearts content. Plus, with access to a wider pool of potential matches, users have a better chance of finding that special someone.

Get your profile seen

During the 1 or 24 hour period, your profile will be BOOSTED to all of your potential matches. Getting you on your date quicker and doing something you love.

Unlimited rewinds

‘Rewind’ enables users to access more than one consecutive “back move” through their potential match feed to access previous matches.

Extends response time to 24hrs

Give your matches the time they need to read and consider your responses. This can lead to better conversations and a more enjoyable dating experience overall.


Enables you to send a first-date pitch to a person you have not yet matched with. Includes: time, date, location, activity and the user’s unique date pitch.