Birds Nest

Welcome to Birds Nest Restaurant, an exhilarating destination for an unforgettable first date. Introducing Australia to the cherished Yakitori concept from Japan, this vibrant venue boasts a menu brimming with flavorsome delights, all sourced from high-quality local and international ingredients. Prepare to be amazed by their in-house daily prepared skewers, cooked to perfection over special Binchoutan charcoal, accompanied by icy-cold draught Asahi and delightful vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Their dedication to warm and genuine service adds to the charm of this culinary gem.The fusion of cultures and flavours in the vibrant West End adds a unique touch to the culinary journey. With Birds Nest's dedication to authentic tastes and warm service, the venue promises an enchanting and delightful evening for a memorable first date.


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