Welcome to Bosc, the perfect haven for an unforgettable first date! Nestled in the heart of West End, this cozy gem guarantees an experience you'll both cherish.

Prepare to be delighted at Bosc, where an enticing array of beers, gins, and crafty cocktails awaits, ready to tantalize your taste buds. Renowned for their warm hospitality and captivating ambiance, this venue sets the stage for a relaxed and intimate evening that will surely leave a lasting impression. An added bonus is that Bosc is dog-friendly, allowing you to share this delightful date with your furry friends and bask in the lively atmosphere. Don't wait any longer—make your way there now and let Bosc weave its magic into your first date rendezvous!


Contact Information

Bosc, 69, Vulture Street, Hill End, West End, Greater Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, Australia