Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar


Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar

Cheeky Bean Espresso is a charming coffee haven that exudes warmth and comfort from the moment you step inside. The inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, instantly setting the mood for a memorable encounter. With its chic and cozy decor, this West End venue provides an intimate setting that encourages genuine connections and lively conversations.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or simply enjoy a well-crafted beverage, their skilled baristas take pride in brewing the finest coffee beans, ensuring each cup is a delightful masterpiece. From velvety lattes and rich espressos to artisanal teas and refreshing iced drinks, their diverse menu promises something to suit everyone's taste. In addition to their exceptional coffee, Cheeky Bean also offers an assortment of scrumptious pastries, cakes, and light bites, making it a haven for foodies and coffee lovers alike.


Contact Information

The Cheeky Bean Espresso Bar, 206A, Montague Road, South Brisbane, West End, Greater Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, Australia