Currumbin BoatShed SUP Boarding


Currumbin BoatShed SUP Boarding

Beautiful Spot

Currumbin Boatshed, the perfect destination for a fun and memorable first date! Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Currumbin, this charming venue offers a unique experience that combines dining, adventure, and stunning waterfront views. Indulge in their delectable menu featuring fresh seafood, delicious cocktails, and a range of tantalizing dishes. The Boatshed is best known for its paddleboard and kayak hire, allowing you and your date to explore the tranquil waterways and create lasting memories together. Surrounding the area are breathtaking beaches, lush parklands, and the famous Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, adding to the charm and beauty of this remarkable location. Embark on a date like no other at Currumbin Boatshed!


Contact Information

2 Thrower Drive, Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland