Granddad Jack’s Brisbane


Granddad Jack’s Brisbane

Gin Cocktails please!

Discover Granddad Jack's in Brisbane for a fun and easy first date. This charming distillery and bar offers signature craft spirits, delightful cocktails, and a welcoming atmosphere. Explore their range of expertly crafted gins, whiskies, and liqueurs while enjoying the friendly service and relaxed vibes.

Located in the vibrant city of Brisbane, you'll find plenty of nearby attractions and activities to enhance your date. From scenic riverside walks to lively dining and entertainment options, the area has something for everyone.

Experience a memorable time filled with laughter and great drinks at Granddad Jack's. It's the perfect spot for a laid-back and enjoyable first date, where you can create lasting memories and enjoy each other's company.


Contact Information

26, Collingwood Street, Albion, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4010, Australia