Holey Moley Forititude Valley

holey moley fortitute

Holey Moley Forititude Valley

Welcome to our mini golf course and bar, where traditional putt putt gets a playful twist! Get ready for a date that's nifty, nostalgic, and sprinkled with '80s and '90s vibes – it's the wildest mini golf experience ever!

Picture yourselves exploring a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes, sparking laughter and friendly competition at every turn. But that's not all – our full-service bar, The Caddyshack, has got your refreshments covered. Sip on cool drinks and cocktails while grooving to awesome tunes.

So, why wait? Come join the mini golf mayhem and have a blast together at our one-of-a-kind date spot!


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25, Warner Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4006, Australia
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