Mas & Miek Ceramic House

mas and meik

Mas & Miek Ceramic House

Looking for a unique and creative date spot? Meet Mas & Miek, the brainchild of a talented mother/daughter duo, Mieke and Charlie De Deyne. Mieke's Masters in Fine Arts, Ceramics, and Charlie's Bachelor of Fine Art with a focus on Jewellery & Small Objects have paved the way for their shared passion.

Their hinterland studio served as the birthplace of Mas & Miek, where they spent countless days working together and embracing the beauty of handmade objects. In 2017, they opened Mas & Miek Ceramic House in Newstead, and in 2021, their second studio in Morningside.

Get ready to explore their world of signature utilitarian ceramics as you witness firsthand the love and dedication they pour into their craft. It's a date spot filled with artistry, creativity, and heartwarming stories!


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11, Byres Street, Newstead, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4006, Australia
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