Renowned for its delectable Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, offering an array of mouthwatering dishes that are best shared. Their menu is a delightful fusion of rich flavours, vibrant colours and aromatic spices - making it a culinary adventure for the senses! Not only are they known for their mouthwatering dishes, Mu'ooz is a remarkable venue with a mission to create positive change. Their focus is on providing work experience, training, and employment opportunities to African refugees, effectively breaking down cross-cultural barriers. Over the years, they have already empowered more than 300 women through work experience, training, and employment.

You too can contribute to this noble cause by visiting their restaurant, ordering takeaway, or utilising their catering service. Savour the delicious food while making a difference in the lives of African refugee women – a truly meaningful and heartwarming experience to share with someone else!


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