Paramount adventure centre climb

paramount climbing

Paramount adventure centre climb

Get you & your date unleashing that sense of adventure at Paramount Indoor Rock Climbing.

Immerse yourselves in a vast expanse of 850 square meters of climbing terrain, boasting an impressive vertical height of over 11 meters. This extraordinary space offers thrilling climbs suitable for both beginners and seasoned climbers alike. Get ready to push your limits together as you conquer poles, overhangs, barrels, angled walls, flake climbs, and challenging crack climbs.

For those seeking an added level of excitement, they also provide a dedicated bouldering area, complete with a simulated rock tower offering exhilarating and difficult routes that are regularly updated. The gym also offers top roping opportunities, with experienced climbers having the chance to engage in Lead climbing.

Embark on a date filled with adrenaline and shared triumphs.


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