TH7 BodyLabs


TH7 BodyLabs

Welcome to TH7 Bodylabs, where your first date is infused with excitement and exploration.

Embark on a unique fitness journey together, guided by expert trainers in a dynamic and supportive environment. TH7 Bodylabs offers a variety of innovative classes & workshops, known for their energy and effectiveness, making your date an exhilarating bonding experience.

Nestled in an area brimming with vitality, the surroundings of TH7 Bodylabs add to the allure. After your revitalising session, take a leisurely walk through nearby scenic spots or trendy cafes, where you can share laughter and connect, embracing the spirit of adventure in the area.


Contact Information

196, Montague Road, South Brisbane, West End, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4101, Australia