The Dance Shed


The Dance Shed

Date Different

Welcome to The Dance Shed, where magic happens on the dance floor and first dates are taken to a whole new level of fun and excitement! Our venue is not just your ordinary dance studio; it's a place where laughter, connection, and some epic moves come together. Led by our talented instructors, we offer a wide range of dance styles and classes for all skill levels. From salsa to hip-hop, ballroom to contemporary, you'll find the perfect dance to ignite your chemistry. The Dance Shed is best known for creating memorable experiences through the power of dance, ensuring that your first date becomes an unforgettable adventure. So step outside your comfort zone, groove to the rhythm, and let the magic unfold at The Dance Shed in vibrant Broadbeach Waters.


Contact Information

23 T E Peters Drive Broadbeach Waters, QLD, 4218 Australia